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Volunteers, both medical and non-medical, are highly valued by IRHS and are a vital part of what makes us so dynamic. Without their skilled and innovative support IRHS would not be where it is today. Please get in touch to discuss how you could use your skills and experience to help us and to make a difference to many lives in remote and drought-stricken southern India.

Medical volunteers

The key role of the medical volunteers is to help the IRHS paramedics learn primary healthcare techniques. In addition to teaching / mentoring the paramedics, medical volunteers have helped us develop in many ways:

  • women's healthcare issues
  • consultation skills
  • physiotherapy
  • clinic management
  • training the team of paramedics and healthcare workers
  • shaping the way that the clinics are run
  • developing healthcare policy

Most IRHS medical volunteers are doctors, though we welcome contributions from all of the medical professions, especially nurses. Could you train our paramedics in primary healthcare techniques? Are there other areas of patient care that you could help us develop? This is your opportunity to make a difference to many lives in rural Southern India.

If you are an interested medical volunteer please read about our village staff below.



A doctor teaching IRHS paramedics and health workers

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Non-medical Volunteers

We are looking for people with broad abilities. Some of the areas that we would like to strengthen in the IRHS are:

  • administration
  • information / communications technology
  • construction / building work
  • programme management
  • improving how the IRHS is managed
  • using IT to improve certain things e.g. accounts management, our website
  • improving the way in which the IRHS communicates
  • helping to construct an extension to the Dokur village clinic

Working in India is very different from working in Western societies. Promoting development and change can be frustrating and highly demanding. However, the sense of satisfaction in getting results is immeasurable. Do you feel up to the challenge? Help us deliver better healthcare. Contact the IRHS.

Please read our volunteer Wordpress blog to learn about the experiences of our past volunteers.


IRHS requires volunteers with a range of skills, please get intouch to see how you can help us

Volunteer Information

All volunteers leave behind lasting improvements in the way IRHS works, and we believe that sustainable development is the key.

IRHS welcomes single people and couples as volunteers. All volunteers must be able to demonstrate a useful skill set whether medical or non-medical and have a real belief that they can make a positive contribution to people's lives in India.

Normally volunteers work with us for 2 to 6 months. The minimum period a volunteer can work with the IRHS is 8 weeks. Medical students who wish to do their electives with us must spend a minimum of 6 weeks.

If you're interested in volunteering, please do click on the "practical facts" link, and contact us to go through the possibilities. We can also put you in touch with previous volunteers so that you can hear about their experiences.

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